Welcome to Responsible Subversives, which is the community in our Responsible Subversives Network.  Responsiblesubversives.org is a social network for people who want to connect and discuss how to change the world by changing the way we raise our children.

We were first introduced to the term Responsible Subversives Wictor Kowlerski, the Polish former Minister of Education in the post communist regime.  Before that he had been the “intellectual powerhouse” behind Lech Walensa in engineering the strategy that effectively brought down Communism which they did, he explained, by recruiting large numbers of influential Poles (most of whom held office under the Communist regime) to dedicate their ‘after-hours’ energy to showing the people of that country just how essential it was to break away from that regime.

Because the people recognised the authority of these Responsible Subversives and that such highly placed people were prepared to say, from the inside, just how broken the old system was, they won the hearts and minds of so many people that the Communist regime simply collapsed from within because the people were all joined together by a common cause that everyone understood.

This is our community space to help equip future generations to shape a better world. Here you can donate money and share ideas. We will facilitate discussion, share our ideas and support those who want to turn ideas into action.

Each week we will share our ideas from our research archive in an email and podcast.

So, if you would like to share your thinking on how we can better develop our children then please sign up and get involved.

Responsible Subversives materialWe will provide a weekly ideas and inspiration email to our Responsible Subversives which will spark discussion and enable us to link to our ideas and inspiration. Our focus here is to open up our archive and share the ideas within it as well as to provide our thinking on topical learning and education issues.

Also in the Responsible Subversives Network
The Responsible Subversives network consists of three inter-linked sites that aim to provide the ideas, the inspiration and a community of people interested in equipping future generations to shape a better world.

The ideas
The 21 Century Learning Initiative website is an archive of material selected from the past 30 years broken down into meaningful chronological eras as well as sorted by tag and category.

We facilitate the emergence of new approaches to learning that draw upon a range of insights into the hum a brain, the functioning of human societies, and learning as a community-wide activity. Find out more. 

We are constantly looking to share the ideas of our 21st Century Learning Initiative archive in ever-more accessible ways. To see the animations we have produced, take a look at our inspirational animations on our Born to Learn site.

Our Responsible Subversives community
We also have a growing community of Responsible Subversives, a place for people who want to connect and discuss how to change the world by changing the way we raise our children. Please join in in the discussion.